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Production Process

Production Process

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Bipolar Process

Din-Tek devices and processes are optimized for both precision-analog and power functions. Din-Tek continuously offers devices and processes with improving characteristics and updated options, such as:

  • All collectors base and emitter junctions by ion implant for accurate doping control;
  • Vertical and lateral PNPs optional;
  • Capacitor optional;
  • Double-level metallization for high-density, high-current layouts and buried Zener reference;

Bipolar Process:

(1.5um, 15V)
(2um, 18V)
(2um, 36V)
(4um, 25V)

BiCMOS Process

BiCMOS process was developed based on the Bipolar process, and optimized for high-density and mixed-mode designs, especially where higher speed and lower power consumption is required.

  • High-current, double-level metallization;
  • Vertical PNP transistors;
  • Lateral PNP transistors;
  • Capacitors;

BiCMOS Process
(1.5um BiCMOS Process)


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