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Product Environment Statement

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  • Din-Tek is in full compliance with RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC) standards, Din-Tek defines "Pb-Free" product as compliant with RoHS requirements, and “Halogen-Free " product as RoHS compliance plus Bromine (Br)-free, Chlorine(Cl)-free and Antimony (Sb)-free. Din-Tek offers the option of Pb-Free or Halogen-Free upon customer’s requests.
  • Limit List

Substance Type

Pb *1






Br *2























  • Note: *1, Exception please refer to RoHS ; *2,Add:Br+Cl<0.15%
Din-Tek is committed to providing our customers with products that are compliant with industry environmental best practices, now and in the future.

Materials Disclosure Disclaimer

Even though all possible efforts have been made to provide you with the most accurate information, we can not guarantee to its completeness and accuracy due to the fact that the data has been compiled based on the ranges provided and some information that may not have been provided by the subcontractors and raw material suppliers to protect their business proprietary information.

Based on the above considerations, this information is provided only as estimates of the average weight of these parts and the anticipated significant toxic metals components. These estimates do not include trace levels of dopants and metal materials contained within silicon devices in the finished products.

There is no intentional use of Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium, PBBE or PBDE (5 of the 6 RoHS banned substances) in this or any of our other products.

HF (Halogen Free) / (Green) Products

Din-Tek defines “Green” products which are Halogen-free, according to IEC 61249-2-21:

Din-Tek has offered Halogen-free DFN/QFN package families per the above definition since inception. Most of our products are now available Halogen-free. All Halogen-free products conform to rigid Din-Tek and industry accepted criteria for quality, reliability and package robustness. Guarantee of commercial availability in required quantities and suitable performance in manufacturability is also considered in selecting Halogen-free mold compounds and die attach materials. Din-Tek conversion to Halogen-free products is traceable via date codes and factory locations.

Shipping/Marking/Labeling Information

Per the labeling requirements of JEDEC standard JESD97, all of our standard shipping labels on both intermediate and outer boxes clearly show whether or not the products inside are RoHS compliant/Pb-free. Custom shipping labels are also clearly marked. The 2LI stands for second-level interconnect and officially signifies the lead finish does not contain lead. The e category denotes the lead finish material.

The marking on the bar code label denotes Pb-free lead finish and qualified compatibility with Pb-free board mount assembly processing. The MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) bar code labels on the reel, tube or rail, and the intermediate boxes have the Pb-free symbol in compliance to the JEDEC standard JESD97.

The bar code labels also include the RoHS = Y (yes) designation along with the PB-free 2LI logo. This designation is being included to avoid any confusion over our product being RoHS compliant. At Din-Tek RoHS compliant and Pb-free are equal. However, we realize this is not the case industry wide so both designations will be included. Bar code labels that were printed prior to the Q306 release will remain with only the Pb-free 2LI logo designation.

All G-suffixed parts are Pb-free 2LI and are RoHS compliant.

In addition to meeting RoHS requirements, Din-Tek is pleased to announce our compliance to China RoHS reporting requirements. Effective March 2007, our shipping labels will contain additional information regarding hazardous material content in order to comply with the China RoHS directive. ON’s packaging labels will be modified to include the newly required China RoHS symbols. The No PB imagewith an Green circle e image will mean truly Pb free throughout the entire component. The Orange circle 50 image symbol will be added to the labels of components that contain lead, either in the termination finish or in the die attach. Parts may have the No PB image RoHS=Y label, and the Orange circle 50 image symbol, meaning termination finish is lead (Pb) free, but the die attach contains lead (Pb). Labels for parts that have leaded termination finish will now also have the Orange circle 50 image symbol.

A Material Content Table is available in Chinese for all ON orderable and root part numbers including die sales under the “China RoHS” link on this site. Additional information regarding the China RoHS Directive is also available at this link.

New Packaging Label Examples

Part has Pb-free termination finish and is Pb-free throughout component. Pb-free is yes, RoHS is yes, and China RoHS compliance is yes.

Part has Pb-free termination finish but contains a leaded die attach. Pb-free is yes, RoHS is yes, and China RoHS compliance requires the 50 symbol.

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